Is Rick Warren the Antichrist?

August 11, 2008 - 8 Responses

A troubling truth is busy transpiring in the blogosphere. Rick Warren has much more power over people’s actions and words than previously thought. Reading his books, participating in one of his programs or attending his church turn people into vicious attackers of Truth warriors. By which power he accomplishes this one can only speculate but the answer may lie in the answer of this question:

Is Rick Warren the Antichrist?

Will Farel XV
Speculating Standing on the Truth

*UPDATE*: The persecution has begun!

Is Chad Holtz a Secret Hindu Agent?

July 22, 2008 - 10 Responses

As I have promised in a comment on a budding Protector of the Truth’s blog I now take a closer look at Chad Holtz who has been harassing this young man, who share my Divine zeal for the Truth, with his peace mantras.

Let us take a closer look at this “peace” that Chad ends his heretic enabling comments with. Remember those “peace” cries of the hippies? What peace were they talking about? I will tell you. The peace that would invite the Communists like Barak Obama, together with his supporterSpiritual Guru Brian McLaren*, to take over our beautiful Christian United States of America. This same peace is also the theme of John Lennon’s song “Give Peace a Chance”. As we know John Lennon and Yoko Ono were followers of the cult of the Hare Krishna mantra of Hinduism and that was what this song is really about. So here we have Chad shouting peace, peace like a mantra. What should be our conclusion? Chad might also be secret a follower of the Hare Krishna movement!

If this is not enough, the name of his blog is “Blooming in Bullock”. The first part of Bullock is bull followed by lock. Bull is the male of Carolus Linnaeus of which the female is cow. Cows are venerated within the Hindu religion of India. The second part of “Bullock”, lock, shows that Chad is locked, tied, to this cow veneration of Hinduism. Blooming states that this is the place, the worship of sacred cows, where Chad finds his inspiration.

This is all the proof that I need to conclude that Chad is a secret agent of Hinduism polluting our youth with his peace mantras on their blogs. If you do not believe me, visit his blog and see for yourself.

Be warned! Stay away from Chad Holtz, do not read his blog which can be found at and do not read his comments as this will put my very fragile Truth in danger.

Will Farel XV
Fearful of for the Truth

* My mentor, the esteemed Discernmentalist Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva, used similar logic to arive at this conclusion of Brian McLaren and Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva is never wrong.

Smaller is Better

July 20, 2008 - 6 Responses

Small Churches Are Better

Small churches are better than large churches. Over many millennia the false lie has been spread that a church should grow. This is counter productive to what should happen in REAL churches that keep to the Truth.

Small Churches Have More Fear

Fear is an important tool to get the message of the Truth across. People should be fearful for where they may end up if they do not cling fearfully to the Truth.

Larger churches close to our small church might have better programs and advertising and our few members might be tempted to go and have a look. Fear of larger churches who might steal some of our few members gives the pastor-teacher something to preach against. 

When smaller it is easier to be similar to each other and then we fear anything or anyone that is different and that gives the pastor-teacher something to preach against. We can band better together and invoke more fear when we are small and the danger to be over run by anything that looks dangerous keeps us together, in fear, giving the pastor-teacher something to preach against.

Because the income of smaller churches are smaller the income of those smaller churches are smaller and they struggle to support their pastor-teacher sufficiently. This will cause the pastor-teacher to fear any bad economic situation and he can blame it on the Illuminati, New Age, Emergent Churches, Barak Obama, Rick Warren, Richard Foster, Rob Bell or the antichrist giving him much to preach against.

In Small Churches It Is Easy To Keep The Sinners Out

The Truth demands that we should stay pure. Our church should stay clean. Sinners are dirty and if they come to our perfect little churches they will not be perfect and clean anymore. When the church is small it is easy to recognise someone new and that person can be easily scrutinised and talked about. If found to be a sinner the church can easily reach agreement and the person can be ignored and hopefully he or she will leave. If it is agreed that the person is one of the elect he or she must be taught in the full Truth and they will learn to fear as the rest of the small church. Sin in other people’s lives also gives the pastor-teacher something to preach about.

The Truth Must Keep The Church Small

Small churches often get criticised for not growing but when the Truth about a vengeful God is preached without compromise this is what happens – the church don’t grow. People do not like to hear the Truth about an angry God so they stay away. We hate sinners and we should use the Truth to keep the church small.

Big Churches Are Bad

Big churches are bad and the pastor-teacher of the small church should look for any and every opportunity to preach against big churches like Saddleback Church, Mars Hill Bible Church, Willow Creek Community Church, Granger Community Church and the many other churches who preach salvation to this vile and sinful world.

Keep Your Church Small

Be critical of anything different than yourself and preach against everything that might let your church grow. Remember small churches are always better.

Will Farel XV
Keeping from the Truth

Please don’t swear, drink or dance…

July 10, 2008 - Leave a Response

My dear fellow elect, my heart is heavy today. I hear of some in our fold that has taken to swearing. We know that this is one the most awful sins imaginable. Together with drinking and dancing it is so sinful that even writing the words make me hurt… Deeply…

We are called to better things than this. Let me name a few:

  • Complaining
  • Pointing out the sin of others
  • Looking for Scriptures to show how bad the emergents are
  • Surfing the internet to see who the newest sinners are (Fox News is really good for this)
  • Criticising Purpose Driven Life and that heretic Rick Warren
  • Urging evangelists to stop preaching at conferences where they can catch the Wealth and Faith virus (One of those heretics might get saved. Oh, the horror!)
  • Twisting Rob Bell’s words to prove he is a Hindu mystic
  • Studying execution methods

Be vigilant my fellow elect. The darkness is approaching fast on us.

Will Farel
Burning for the Truth

The Gift of Complaining

July 7, 2008 - 8 Responses

The important ministry of Discernment is one that the church in such a great need of that I feel I need to make a call to every elect predestined Christian who often complains to realise that they have been given this gift to serve the global church. After years of practice on your husband/wife/kids/neighbours or anyone who would listen you can now complain on a much higher level. Just register yourself a blog, search the internet for anything you do not like, agree with or don’t understand and complain about it. In no time you will be a Discerner of note. If you are still unsure how it is done, just visit this website and this one and this one and then just follow the blogroll on each of these. You will soon get the hang of it. Go ahead and complain.

Will Farel XV
Complaining about for the Truth

The Commies Are Coming!

July 6, 2008 - One Response

The cold war may be over, but a cold wind is blowing into our churches. Dear brothers and sisters of the elect, we must stand firm against this subtle infiltration of the work of the antichrist. There is a new hair raising rising of neo-socialists and these Marxists want to turn our churches into centres of social help, urging Christians to reach out to the widows, orphans and poor. These Red Letter Christians even use the Scriptures to validate their Bolshevistic march on the elect.

The church’s purpose is to serve the elect, keep them comfortably separate from the world and pass judgement on the non-elect. Those not part of the elect is condemned anyway, so why worry if they are hungry, thirsty, naked, sick or in prison?

Let us not soften our hearts to the calls of the non-elect lesser fortunate, but let us push forward with narrow vision on our purpose to use the Truth as a weapon and bring down every high and lofty thought of these emergent Socialists.

Will Farel XV
Running from for the Truth

P.S. If your name appears in the Tags, know that you have been “marked“.

The Secret Identity of a Discernmentalist

July 5, 2008 - 5 Responses


It came to my attention that certain people are investigating, searching and asking around to find the true identity behind Protector of the Truth Will Farel VX. This is unfortunate, for to seek after things that should stay hidden is a wild goose chase, becoming followers of beasts.

I have learned from my Mentor, the esteemed Discernmentalist Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva, who was in turn mentored by the late Dr. Walter Martin, that one should never truly reveal one’s identity. No one knows how the esteemed Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva looks like, where his church is or even if Ken Silva is his real name. This is important in order to safe guard one’s reputation and even life. You never know when one of those emergent heretics decide to do some Transcendental Meditation and comes to haunt you in your very own home!

Will Farel XV
Hiding from for the Truth

Protectors of the Truth

June 24, 2008 - Leave a Response
  • John Calvin revealed the Truth.
  • John Mc Arthur and John Piper preach the Truth.
  • Some other Johns also preach the Truth.
  • William Farel of Geneva protected the Truth by burning heretics at the stake (Michael Servetus)
  • I am Divinely called to do the same. I will burn the heretics at the stake of weblogs
  • There are other protectors of the truth as well.