The Commies Are Coming!

The cold war may be over, but a cold wind is blowing into our churches. Dear brothers and sisters of the elect, we must stand firm against this subtle infiltration of the work of the antichrist. There is a new hair raising rising of neo-socialists and these Marxists want to turn our churches into centres of social help, urging Christians to reach out to the widows, orphans and poor. These Red Letter Christians even use the Scriptures to validate their Bolshevistic march on the elect.

The church’s purpose is to serve the elect, keep them comfortably separate from the world and pass judgement on the non-elect. Those not part of the elect is condemned anyway, so why worry if they are hungry, thirsty, naked, sick or in prison?

Let us not soften our hearts to the calls of the non-elect lesser fortunate, but let us push forward with narrow vision on our purpose to use the Truth as a weapon and bring down every high and lofty thought of these emergent Socialists.

Will Farel XV
Running from for the Truth

P.S. If your name appears in the Tags, know that you have been “marked“.

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