The Gift of Complaining

The important ministry of Discernment is one that the church in such a great need of that I feel I need to make a call to every elect predestined Christian who often complains to realise that they have been given this gift to serve the global church. After years of practice on your husband/wife/kids/neighbours or anyone who would listen you can now complain on a much higher level. Just register yourself a blog, search the internet for anything you do not like, agree with or don’t understand and complain about it. In no time you will be a Discerner of note. If you are still unsure how it is done, just visit this website and this one and this one and then just follow the blogroll on each of these. You will soon get the hang of it. Go ahead and complain.

Will Farel XV
Complaining about for the Truth


8 Responses

  1. Cute. This really advances the serious discussion of issues in the body of Christ.

  2. Wes,
    I am really very concerned that you find this article helpful to the advancement of discussions in the church. Discussions and conversations is what the emergents do. Are you one of them? 😡 Are you even saved?

  3. Will,

    I’ve ignored your response for the last 7 months. I think I’m the only person besides you that was interested in this post. Have you gotten any traction in your sarcastic idea here?

  4. Wes,
    Well I have returned the ignorant favour and ignored your comment for 4 months. You still haven’t answered my question and now you want to interrogate me? You are such a typical emergent heretic.
    I consider all as heretics until they can prove me wrong by agreeing with my Truth.

    • Your question(s)? “Are you one of them? Are you even saved?”

      No. Yes.

      Now, how about mine?

      • Wes,

        I answer to no one and answers no one who asks me non-essential questions. You get that?


        Will Farel XV
        Rude for the Truth

  5. Will,

    So, what’s an “essential” question?

    • Wes,

      An essential question will be something like: “Who is not a heretic?”

      A discerning discerner like me always has to start from the premise that someone’s theology is suspect and that they are guilty of blasphemy, heresy and are actual agents of Satan himself. Even if the smallest speculated spec of doubt is to be found it will prove to me that such a person is guilty as originally assumed.

      Of course this is not applicable to myself and other discerners like me who are ready to tear the Church apart in search of these heretics.

      I suggest you get your ducks in a row for I will be discerning you soon. You need to visit this website, study and agree with everything on it. There will be a test.

      Will Farel XV
      Suspicious offor the Truth

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