Smaller is Better

Small Churches Are Better

Small churches are better than large churches. Over many millennia the false lie has been spread that a church should grow. This is counter productive to what should happen in REAL churches that keep to the Truth.

Small Churches Have More Fear

Fear is an important tool to get the message of the Truth across. People should be fearful for where they may end up if they do not cling fearfully to the Truth.

Larger churches close to our small church might have better programs and advertising and our few members might be tempted to go and have a look. Fear of larger churches who might steal some of our few members gives the pastor-teacher something to preach against. 

When smaller it is easier to be similar to each other and then we fear anything or anyone that is different and that gives the pastor-teacher something to preach against. We can band better together and invoke more fear when we are small and the danger to be over run by anything that looks dangerous keeps us together, in fear, giving the pastor-teacher something to preach against.

Because the income of smaller churches are smaller the income of those smaller churches are smaller and they struggle to support their pastor-teacher sufficiently. This will cause the pastor-teacher to fear any bad economic situation and he can blame it on the Illuminati, New Age, Emergent Churches, Barak Obama, Rick Warren, Richard Foster, Rob Bell or the antichrist giving him much to preach against.

In Small Churches It Is Easy To Keep The Sinners Out

The Truth demands that we should stay pure. Our church should stay clean. Sinners are dirty and if they come to our perfect little churches they will not be perfect and clean anymore. When the church is small it is easy to recognise someone new and that person can be easily scrutinised and talked about. If found to be a sinner the church can easily reach agreement and the person can be ignored and hopefully he or she will leave. If it is agreed that the person is one of the elect he or she must be taught in the full Truth and they will learn to fear as the rest of the small church. Sin in other people’s lives also gives the pastor-teacher something to preach about.

The Truth Must Keep The Church Small

Small churches often get criticised for not growing but when the Truth about a vengeful God is preached without compromise this is what happens – the church don’t grow. People do not like to hear the Truth about an angry God so they stay away. We hate sinners and we should use the Truth to keep the church small.

Big Churches Are Bad

Big churches are bad and the pastor-teacher of the small church should look for any and every opportunity to preach against big churches like Saddleback Church, Mars Hill Bible Church, Willow Creek Community Church, Granger Community Church and the many other churches who preach salvation to this vile and sinful world.

Keep Your Church Small

Be critical of anything different than yourself and preach against everything that might let your church grow. Remember small churches are always better.

Will Farel XV
Keeping from the Truth

6 Responses

  1. Wow, I hope you are joking……

    As a pastor of a small church, there are many wonderful benefits to being a small church. As the same time, I would never say it is wrong to be a big church. How interesting it would for you to be around on Pentecost where Peter shared his message and 3,000 people came to the Lord in one day. Would you stand up and scream “Too many! He must be watering down the Truth!”

    If you build a church on happy words and not the trught than there is a problem that needs submitted to the Holy Spirit rather there are 5,000 people or 50. Numbers are not a sign of a screwed up church, the heart of the church is.

    That said, that is the least disturbing thing I read here. Your concept of kicking out sinners breaks my heart. We are all sinners, those who come to Jesus and accept Him as Leader and Forgiver accept His git of mercy to be forgiven.

    I understand there are instruction in the Scripture that for those who have no desire for repentence and reconciliation after going through defined structures designed to bring people back to the Lord and to fellowship. However, the words you typed here seem to express something else.

    You seem to be annoyed by sinners coming into your church. You seem to have no real desire to lead them to the cross. It seems it’s all in or get out and I do not see that in Jesus’ minsitry at all! He took slack for dining with the sinners. Do you love enough to get your hands dirty?

    Again, maybe I’m misunderstanding you. Maybe this is some kind of tongue in cheek. If not, Please reread what Jesus said was the 2 greatest commandments….Love the Lord your God with all you got and love your neighbors as yourself. Who’s your neighbor, check out the Good Samaritian story. It’s not who you think…….

  2. OK , in reading some more of your posts that you are indeed tongue in cheek. I do not know if I’m more relieaved that you are not 100% serious or if I’m saddened that there are enough people out there who think this way that I thought it might be for real.

  3. tsf,
    Keep on going and you will discover the sad lies that make up the truths of many.

  4. Well, I think the interesting thing is you and I see some of the same things, are both bothered by them but we come to different conclusions on what to do with them…..



  5. Thomas,

    You seem to be an interesting pastor, meaning you seem to have serious issues. Tell me more about yourself and what you preach against.

  6. Oh, I hope I preach more for things (the gospel of Jesus, love, grace and mercy, community, and the like than against things =)

    Against, hmmmmmmm…….

    I tend to blog my concerns about the two extremes within Christianity…..

    Concerns with those who read the Bible though the eyes of what they like and don’t like. Picking and choosing what they believe and if they don’t like it then pretend it’s not there. If I believe the Bible is the Word of God, then I take my cue from there and adjust my life to it. It might sound crazy to some but at least I’m not hyprocritical for the most part =)

    Then I tend to shed light on those who grab ahold of the theology of the Bible and then forget about love and beat the crap out of people with it. Those who hold tradition over the Scripture, those pastor’s who have egos and hurt others in their own pursuit, churches who worship the pastor over God, those churches that forget about Biblical community and become social clubs that you have to fit into. You get the picture.

    You caught a glimpse of this when I was disturbed when I read your post here. This mentality, and I assume (correct me if I am wrong) the mentality that has concerned you within the church, falls into this second group I speak of.

    I grew up in this kind of church. What amazed me was when I started reading the Bible for myself in my early 20s instead of just taking in what they told me, I saw the hyprocrisy in it all.

    What the Bible teaches and what Jesus showed was not what I saw in the church. A matter of fact alot of the times Jesus was challanging “religious leaders” of his time, I saw that my church was more simular to the religious leaders than Jesus. The people Jesus called a “broad of vipers” because of their pompus attitudes and lack of love.

    While this is the image that is easily seen within the church today as well, it doesn’t mean that’s what Christianity is or that there aren’t people like me who are disgusted by it and chase after something more real.

    I am encouraged by Revelation 3 where a letter is sent to a church like the church we see today. Jesus called it the luke warm church. He wished they were either hot or cold but because they were luke warm, He was about to spit them out of His mouth. Jesus sees and is troubled by some of the same thing you and I see.

    However, in that letter, He also says “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. Whoever hears me and answers the door, I am ready to jam with.” (OK, maybe I put my own wording there…..)

    Growing up, when I heard that verse they said it meant lost people coming to know the Lord. Actually, in context, Jesus is saying to the church, I am ready to do some mighty and loving things if you, CHURCH, would stop being luke warm and follow me.

    That’s what I mean by how we may have different outlooks on what to do with the concerns we both see (not to assume too much about your poisiton). I won’t throw out the beauty, freedom, and love I see in the Bible and Christ because of some people who claim to represent Him that have grieved me.

    Not sure if that answers your question or not. sorry about the babbling and the typos.

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