Is Chad Holtz a Secret Hindu Agent?

As I have promised in a comment on a budding Protector of the Truth’s blog I now take a closer look at Chad Holtz who has been harassing this young man, who share my Divine zeal for the Truth, with his peace mantras.

Let us take a closer look at this “peace” that Chad ends his heretic enabling comments with. Remember those “peace” cries of the hippies? What peace were they talking about? I will tell you. The peace that would invite the Communists like Barak Obama, together with his supporterSpiritual Guru Brian McLaren*, to take over our beautiful Christian United States of America. This same peace is also the theme of John Lennon’s song “Give Peace a Chance”. As we know John Lennon and Yoko Ono were followers of the cult of the Hare Krishna mantra of Hinduism and that was what this song is really about. So here we have Chad shouting peace, peace like a mantra. What should be our conclusion? Chad might also be secret a follower of the Hare Krishna movement!

If this is not enough, the name of his blog is “Blooming in Bullock”. The first part of Bullock is bull followed by lock. Bull is the male of Carolus Linnaeus of which the female is cow. Cows are venerated within the Hindu religion of India. The second part of “Bullock”, lock, shows that Chad is locked, tied, to this cow veneration of Hinduism. Blooming states that this is the place, the worship of sacred cows, where Chad finds his inspiration.

This is all the proof that I need to conclude that Chad is a secret agent of Hinduism polluting our youth with his peace mantras on their blogs. If you do not believe me, visit his blog and see for yourself.

Be warned! Stay away from Chad Holtz, do not read his blog which can be found at and do not read his comments as this will put my very fragile Truth in danger.

Will Farel XV
Fearful of for the Truth

* My mentor, the esteemed Discernmentalist Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva, used similar logic to arive at this conclusion of Brian McLaren and Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva is never wrong.

10 Responses

  1. That was great! You made me look better here than I do in my own saffron robes!

  2. I have an alternative explanation for the “Blooming in Bullock”. I think the bullock could be an angicisation of the sanskrit word Bhuloka. This refers to the earth, or the physical or gross plane.

    Now the blooming bit can be understood as referring to flowers, which are very important in Hinduism. From Hinduism Today we find that the very word for ritual worship “puja” can be translated as “flower act”.

    So, his site is obviously a worldly act of puja or worship on this plane. A quick glance at his blog it appears that he is carrying some sort of of Sadhana that involves acting outwardly as though he isn’t a Hindu when in fact he is. The clues are there on his blog. See the mantra at the end:

    You don’t have to live this way. You don’t have to live this way. You don’t have to live this way. You don’t have to live this way… the tilte Why Christians Suck, etc.

    Tongue in cheek

  3. Chris,

    Do not bite down while tongue in cheek ❗

  4. Wow. I just found Chad’s blog and was getting ready to blast you. As my daughter would say; “Swoosh!”. Went right over my head.

  5. […] Mercy.”  You can read the review HERE.   It is not as funny as the piece linking me to Hinduism but comes in a close second.    While I am flattered that they would take time out of what I am […]

  6. […] to post it here and he said I could as long as I promised that whoever figured out that I was a Hindu Secret Agent would put us in matching saffron robes 🙂   Those of you reading I pray will be as blessed by this […]

  7. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Thank you Alex for the encouragement in these times of persecution.

    Will Farel
    In hiding from the Truth

  9. Hello again Iggy,

    I’m so pleased that you picked up my humble offering on Christian Extremism over at DefCon and linked it here at your satire blog. I appreciate the link and the coverage (such as it is).

    You might want to be just a wee bit careful though, your tone here could be misconstrued by some to be, um; unemergent…but don’t worry I wouldn’t think that about you. You’re quite emergent, an emergent among emergents even!

    In Christ,

  10. Brother Deo,

    Please read my comment on the other post and do not mention Iggy’s name again!

    Will Farel
    Afriad of for the Truth

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