Is Rick Warren the Antichrist?

A troubling truth is busy transpiring in the blogosphere. Rick Warren has much more power over people’s actions and words than previously thought. Reading his books, participating in one of his programs or attending his church turn people into vicious attackers of Truth warriors. By which power he accomplishes this one can only speculate but the answer may lie in the answer of this question:

Is Rick Warren the Antichrist?

Will Farel XV
Speculating Standing on the Truth

*UPDATE*: The persecution has begun!

8 Responses

  1. Well, since many believe Revelation prophecies suggest that the Anti Christ will rise to power in Europe, take over the world goverment, and negotiate a covenant to protect Isreal as part of his power, I think Rick Warren falls a little short. Not sure if Warren would appreciate the photo shopped pic too much….just a thought.

  2. Hi Iggy,

    I’d say Warren more closely approximates a type of the “False Prophet” rather than the Antichrist, wouldn’t you?

    I didn’t realize you had your very own satire blog dedicated to ridiculing those with whom you disagree…how Machiavellian!

    In Christ,

  3. Dear brother Coram Deo,

    I am deeply hurt that you might think that Iggy and I am the same person. That semi-pelagian universalist emergent’s name should never be mentioned on this site. And now you made me type it! I will have to go fast and pray for two weeks and be re-baptised to feel clean again! If you were not on the same team as me I would call this an attack on my ministry and post it all over the web.

    Will Farel
    In hiding from the Truth

  4. Actually I was recently participating in a combox discussion where you left a comment as “Will”, then logged out and logged back in as “Iggy” and proceeded to identify yourself as “Will” whereupon you proceeded to issue a light hearted parting disclaimer to the effect of, “Watch out for Will, he’ll get ya'”.

    Serendipity of providence?

    On a separate but related note I had a provocative idea today…I had been mulling around the idea of an extreme emergent/emerging parody site for awhile before I stumbled upon this blog.

    With this in mind I propose to create a parody/satire emergent/emerging blog and an adequately absurd parody/satire emergent/emerging persona. After this I’ll backlink to Protector of Truth and would request that you link to my new blog. It should be a fun and friendly way to pursue our apparently diametrically opposed worldviews to their logical conclusions…are you game Iggy…er…Will?

    It might even be fun.

    In Christ,

  5. *SIGH*
    I am not going to type that emergent’s name again… I almost drowned the last time I baptised myself! So I am going to put it this way: Check your emails and be set free by the Truth.

  6. I’m sure Will agrees with this but I wonder when it comes to an Emergent parody site or even a Conservative paraody site is the route Jesus would go. Though Jesus surely had a sense of humor, I wonder if he would use stereotypes to lump individuals into catagories and make fun of them. I would bet He would find it counterproductive. I would bet He would find other means to communicate without coming off somewhat prejudice. I would bet He would not risk looking a little hyprocritical by making fun of a given group getting upset and blogging about their frustration only to be doing the same thing with a sarcastic twist.

    I will pray for this Iggy you speak of as well as Will. While I’m at it, I’ll throw one out for Coram too.

    Live the Truth,


  7. I can’t tell which side Thomas is on Will…this being the case should he be burned at the stake just to be on the safe side?

  8. Well Coram, we know that there is no middle ground in this truth war so if Thomas is not for us… It seems I will get some use for those blasphemous musical instruments after all.

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