It was revealed unto me in a Divine dream that I am a 15th generation descencant of William Farel, Preacher of Geneva, partner and protector of Calvin. John Calvin revealed the real Truth which was hidden for 1500 years. William Farel helped him to protect it by persecuting heretics and burning some of them at the stake like Michael Servetus.

Today there are only a few keepers of the Truth. It seems that only people with the name John are called and elected for this task. I am Divinely called to be a protector of the Truth the John’s preach.

6 Responses

  1. Is your blog supposed to be a joke? You can’t be for real.

  2. This is not jokes2go.com. I want to quote my very good friend over at Online Discermentalist Mafia:

    There are many blogs out there that are as serious as you take them. We are one of them. If you take Slice of Laodicea or CRN or Ken Silva’s personal website in all it’s glorious missivness, serious, then yes, you better take us even more serious. If you do not take these people serious I doubt you will take us serious so you should just hope you are regenerate and repent.

    I hope that clears the rumors up about what we are all about.

    I. Todyaso

    So, this is what it is all about.

  3. Dear Will,

    Thank you for such an informationative internets page. I can’t wait to tell Carl about this place.

    I love you in your next movie!


  4. George,

    I am thankful that you can find information on my divinely inspired blog that can give you direction in running this Christian nation. American Christianity is the only true Christianity and therefore America should invade more countries to spread the Truth by violence. This should of course be done as peaceful as possible.

    Thank God for me.

  5. Retardedly funny!

    Keeper of the spoof! (-:

  6. Look forward to more postings!

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