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The Secret Identity of a Discernmentalist
July 5, 2008


It came to my attention that certain people are investigating, searching and asking around to find the true identity behind Protector of the Truth Will Farel VX. This is unfortunate, for to seek after things that should stay hidden is a wild goose chase, becoming followers of beasts.

I have learned from my Mentor, the esteemed Discernmentalist Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva, who was in turn mentored by the late Dr. Walter Martin, that one should never truly reveal one’s identity. No one knows how the esteemed Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva looks like, where his church is or even if Ken Silva is his real name. This is important in order to safe guard one’s reputation and even life. You never know when one of those emergent heretics decide to do some Transcendental Meditation and comes to haunt you in your very own home!

Will Farel XV
Hiding from for the Truth


Protectors of the Truth
June 24, 2008

  • John Calvin revealed the Truth.
  • John Mc Arthur and John Piper preach the Truth.
  • Some other Johns also preach the Truth.
  • William Farel of Geneva protected the Truth by burning heretics at the stake (Michael Servetus)
  • I am Divinely called to do the same. I will burn the heretics at the stake of weblogs
  • There are other protectors of the truth as well.